This week saw Nicola & Linsey Leitch install the posters on streetlights all around Abbeyview advertising the Tweed Street Tour.

Fingers were crossed that Saturday would be sunny for Nicola, Marisa Privitera, Stuart Murdoch and Marisa's cousin, who have just flown in from travelling in Sicily – to install 40 images for the Tweed Street Tour. You will be able to view them along the D6/D5 bus route on bus stops, lamp posts and in the Abbeyview Council Local Service Centre on the new plasma screen from 29th July – 29th August 2007. The images are also available to view on Marisa’s Flicker site.


The Curiosity Cabinet

Nicola & Linsey Leitch met with Bill F, a local property developer in Dunfermline. He is letting us to use the vacant shop in Bruce Street, Dunfermline, to show the Curiosity Cabinet in. The unveiling will be at 26 Bruce Street, Dunfermline on Saturday August 25th on 3pm - 5pm. At 3.30pm that day Stevie Jackson, from Belle and Sebastian, will be performing live his two songs “Bird’s Eye View” & “The Electric Box” that he composed for Abbeyview in March.

The shop will be open to the public the following week for three days on 28th/29th/30th August from 11 – 4pm. Come along and see the Curiosity Cabinet in all its glory, how these seperate pieces of furniture crash together like they are playing musical chairs and all trying to sit on the last chair to win. All the SEE EYE projects are represented in some form, from Ben Spencer’s use of trees in the top flat of the Allan Crescent block to Nicola’s hand-embellished houses at the bottom.


Clock People

Nicola has been thinking this week about the ‘Clock People’ artwork. She met with several people who she thought would like to become involved, one being Alan Grieve pictured here, an artist who’s work involves story telling, and another being Philip Miller, who is a writer of short stories. The idea behind ‘Clock People’ is that a public art piece should be useful, beautiful and be the central point for the people of the area, just like a telling the time. It will involve 12 people from Whitelaw Road, Macbeth Road, Almond Road & Tweed Street who will be invited to take part. They will be a work of art... of part of a timeless piece!

Photographs & Drawings © Nicola Atkinson Does Fly

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