This week the SEE EYE team received a card from the Abbeyview crèche to thank us for Hanna's artwork NEST that was gifted to them.

Here is David, a voluntary regeneration officer, relaxing on the sofa that was embellished as part of 'Sew the Sofa' (SEE EYE) created during the International Woman Day by the members of the Abbeyview community with Karen Vaughan. This artwork has been very useful for people visiting the Abbeyview regeneration office for more relaxed and intimate meetings.

We all know the touch of the hand can connect you to the heart of the person. This is always the case in the form of drawing but is rarer in photography. It is true that with a photograph one is viewing the chosen subject, composition and lighting of the person who has taken it, but only gifted photographers are able to connect on the level of a drawing. You might think that because of the ease in which a photograph can be taken that everyone can take a good picture but, as always, there is a difference between good images presented and rare moments captured. We feel that this is what will be reflected in the images of Marisa Privitera and in the long process of re-creating the SEE EYE Event in hand-drawn images, as well as being a worthwhile and value impression of the two-day event.

"There is beauty in the directness of hand to paper and the toil is apparent and appreciated by the viewer. The Eco House sign will now bear my mark-making in this way, since my instincts were right on the technical difficulty of reproducing the Lark drawing. So I will be doing it the old way, directly onto canvas. Sorry, but I'm afraid you will have to wait a couple of weeks until the Eco House sign appears!" Nicola (the Fly)

Connecting Abbeyview to Dunfermline town centre is of great interest to Nicola. With Abbeyview being only 15mins away by bus, the Tweed Street Tour is one way to do this. Another way was discussed when Nicola and Lindsey Leech met with Joan Geddes about possible empty shop sites both in Abbeyview and in the centre of Dunfermline. Having an empty shop in each location will highlight the regeneration scheme in both locations, in an interesting and thought provoking way. We are looking for support in kind from letting agencies and local property developers to help us realise this exciting idea. Please contact Lindsay Leech at the Abbeyview Council Offices if you or anyone you know would like to support us.

The last word this week is a sneak preview of the flyer for the Tweed Street Tour showing one of Marisa's beautiful photographs. Look out for these around Abbeyview and beyond.

Photographs © Nicola Atkinson Does Fly & Marisa Privitera

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