It is summer, or is it? With all the rain and traffic Hanna Tuulikki and Nicola headed from Glasgow to Dunfermline by car. "It seemed like someone had decided to make it almost impossible for us to get there in time to meet the people at the Beanstalk. Turning on the radio helped pass the time, we found a great station which made the dark clouds seem to drift in time to the music. At a stationary point on the M8 motorway we became aware of the wildlife living beside us. No time is wasted, all of the moments are useful and pleasantly prevented us going mad whilst stuck in traffic. We did make our meeting on time, arranging for Hanna to drop off of her dreamcatcher on 4th July and to get the ok for her to photograph the children."

Hanna and Nicola also took pictures of Abbeyview for the drawings for the SEE EYE Booklet and dropped off the SEE EYE booklist to Abbeyview Library for their information. We are hoping that they with have the SEE EYE Books for the public to check out.


As part of the RADAR project Nicola proposed that Sophie Pankenier would draw the Hardware Shop. It is an amazing place that should be put on the map as part of the tourist tour of museums and places of interest. The store owner is delighted to become an artwork. Nicola snapped 161 photographs to be used as a source material and met with Sophie to discuss the Hardware shop further. She might engage the drawing exchange idea with The Big Draw in October.

Luke Fowler has given a start date of 1st Sept for his RADAR project.

Abbeyview Park Festival

The Abbeyview festival is coming up on the 19th August. Linsey (the leech) attended the 3rd Abbeyview Park Festival meeting where the launch of the cabinet of curiosities was discussed. It has been suggested that a member of the community in Abbeyview who has achieved Scottish Championship status in bowling would receive the cabinet on behalf of the community. Linsey has invited Nicola to the next meeting which will be held on Tuesday 7th July at 7pm in Abbeyview Local Service Centre and then every week until the Festival.

Tweed Street Tour

Linsey has finished gathering information on Tweed Street and almost completed Wedderburn Crescent in Dunfermline. This information will help Marisa Privitera to to continue with the second phase of the project and she is here on Thursday.

"So here I am, everything is set up for the engagement with Abbeyview. As an artist you need time to think and to drift and be somewhat interior. The quietness of summer suit this development stage perfectly." Nicola ( the Fly )

Photographs © Nicola Atkinson Does Fly & Hanna Tuulikki

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