After the busy weekend of putting up 40 images on lamp posts and bus stops for the Tweed Street Tour, Monday saw the job of making sure the presentation on the plasma screen was working in the Abbeyview Local Offices.

Nick Millar writes a list for the final work on the Curiosity Cabinet

Linsey Leitch attended the weekly 'Abbeyview Festival' Meeting. All eyes have been on getting things in place for the exhibition and unveiling of the Curiosity Cabinet. The Abbeyview Festival committee were updated on the logistics of getting the Curiosity Cabinet to the Festival on the 19th August. There were discussions of how they felt about the Curiosity Cabinet and it was agreed that it was a very important part of the Festival day's events. Linsey and Nicola have now arranged a visit on the 14th August to the vacant shop at 26 Bruce Street, Dunfermline to give the committee an opportunity to see the Curiosity Cabinet for the first time. It will hopefully give them a realistic assessment of how to present it at the Abbeyview Festival.

The Curiosity Cabinet was created for the people of Abbeyview. It will be touring from Dunfermline to St Andrews, with various places in between. As it travels it will also give others a connection with Abbeyview and its artistic activities. When the tour is done however, it will return home to Abbeyview where the inspiration happened for its creation.

Nicola has also been designing the Curiosity Cabinet A5 flyers, an A3 poster, press release and layout of text. Linsey Leitch took these along to Dougie at Abbey Signs and he is now to creating a vinyl text sign, which will appear on the front window of the vacant shop in 26 Bruce Street, Dunfermline. You will be able to see the text there from 7th Aug.

Photographs & Drawings © Nicola Atkinson Does Fly

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