Nicola Atkinson Does Fly, the Abbeyview Artist, has been given six months extension (April - Sept '08) of her residency. With this time we can take stock of the Art Projects that have taken place in Abbeyview since Jan 2007. Here are the follow artworks that will take place: Tweed Street Tour 2; Please Take a Seat/The Grass is Greener; Artist Stand at the Abbeyview Park Festival & Art as Evidence Book with Knitted Covers.

Tweed Street Tour/2
Tuesday 29th July 11am – 4pm

Gerard Love from the Teenage Fan Club has created music for Abbeyview entitled "all I have to do is sit and wait" (18.43). Eighteen minutes and forty three seconds is time it takes to travel from Dunfermline Centre to Abbeyview by bus. It is part of the Tweed Street Tour art project. Nicola will ride on the D6/D5 bus all day on July 29th
inviting people to listen to the piece.

Please Take a Seat/ The Grass is Greener
Saturday 2nd August 11am – 4pm

A summer gathering in the Lynburn Corridor on August 2nd 11am – 3pm will bring together two artworks, both of which are about being separated but very much together in the community in Abbeyview. Nicola has transformed four dining chairs from the 90's and covered the seats in gold leaf fabric, separating the words 'Please Take a Seat' and embroidering one on each seat. She will invite people from Abbeyview and Dunfermline to bring a single chair from their home out into the park of the Lynburn Corridor to sit together and celebrate the summer. It has all the makings of a family event. Happening at the same event will be the other project where people can visit the two bridges that divide Abbeyview that will be painted with the words: 'THE GRASS IS GREENER'.

Artist Stand at the Abbeyview Park Festival
Sunday 24th August 11am – 4pm

Nicola Atkinson Does Fly will be there to talk to people about the artwork that has taken place in Abbeyview, it will have items from Art Projects Jan 07 – Aug 08.

Art as Evidence Book with Knitted Covers
Tuesday 23rd Sept 2pm, Book Launch & exhibit of the Knitted Covers

This will be the second book from the Abbeyview Artist. It will be the same size as the SEE EYE Book with the writing from Daniel Jewesbury and drawings by Carol Lambie & Nicola Atkinson Does Fly.

The St Ninians Congregation in Abbeyview will create the 1000 Knitted Book Covers. These have been designed by Nicola Atkinson Does Fly using 10 knitted squares and one coat button. The choice of the colour and button will be made by the knitter, along with which charity will receive the donation for producing them. The Minister Rev Elizabeth Fisk and the Congregation have really got behind this art project to create a movement of knitters for one common goal. I feel that they want to be involved in an artwork for the Abbeyview Community for several reasons, not just for a donation to the charity of their choice, giving the activity a real sense of purpose and community. The 1000-knitted book covers will be exhibited in the St Ninians Church in Sept 2008, it will be lovely to see them all together.

image credit

Nicola Atkinson Does Fly in Abbeyview with Claire Barclay R.A.D.A.R artwork 'We need more and different flags'


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