"We need more and different flags"

I have enjoyed making this artwork for Abbeyview; learning a little about the place and meeting some members of the community in the process.

My idea, which led to the making of the many different flags, was to celebrate this moment of change in Abbeyview during the process of regeneration. A moment for both the collective community and individuals to think about identity and aspirations for their surroundings.

The flags were designed as a colourful stimulus to get people talking about these issues. I hope all of you that chose a flag to take home are enjoying them, and maybe even inspired to make your own flags.

Claire Barclay

She is part of the R.A.D.A.R (Random And Dynamic Art Risks) Art projects in Abbeyview. The unforeseen happenings and inspiration in Abbey view have been created by Nicola Atkinson Does Fly, Abbeyview Artist, Alan Grieve, Luke Fowler, Sophia Pankenier, Hanna Tuulikki & Claire Barclay.

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