Flowers vs. Portraits FREE

Flowers vs. Portraits
Abbeyview Community Centre, Dunfermline
Thursday March 13th 7pm

Nicola Atkinson Does Fly hosts the final event. She will sing a song from the Flowers Songs of the Seasons, which is Illustrated by Cecily Barker from 1925. Cecily Barker is known for her drawings of flower fairies.

Hanna Tuulikki, artist & musician, will present her new work Note Catcher. Working with Lynette Sneddon from Abbeyview, Hanna and Lynette travelled around Abbeyview together, from the bowling club to homes to local shops to community centre to street to engaging with 130 people. People were asked to sing a single note of their choice, which was recorded and Hanna has created a beautiful composition using their notes.

Gerald Love has created a piece of music called ‘ all I have to do is sit and wait ‘ inspired by the bus route from Dunfermline center to Abbeyview. The duration is 18 min. the same length as the journey. Gerald is a member of the Teenage Fanclub a music band.

Daniel Jewesbury presents a talk exploring ideas public art. Daniel is an artist & writer based in Belfast.

Claire Barclay, visual artist, has created a temporary artwork in open-air locations inspired by Abbeyview. Her artwork ‘we need more and different flags’ can be seen during the event.

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