Curiosity Cabinet

The Curiosity Cabinet is now off on its travels after the debut in Bruce Street, Dunfermline. It is standing proudly in the reception of Woodmill High School, Abbeyview, and will be there until the end of September. We hope that the cabinet will be a talking point amongst the students and highlight to them the diverse forms that art can take. The public can of course view the piece there by reporting to reception before hand. Here is Nick Millar, the cabinet's creator, installing and posing!

Catch the Performance

Talking of Woodmill High, there is an exciting event happening next week. Students in the music department have been learning the two songs written by Stevie Jackson for the SEE EYE March Event, “Bird’s Eye View” and “Electric Box”. At 1pm on Wednesday 26th September everyone should be word and note perfect to perform at the school with Stevie himself. It’s not everyday that you get a real live popstar playing amongst you in your school, it’ll be a day they won’t forget!


The book produced to mark the SEE EYE March Event is now available to buy over in the west of the country, spreading the Abbeyview vibe to a new audience. Check out ‘Hitherto’, within Tinderbox coffee shop on Ingram Street in Glasgow, to bag a copy.

ROA Board Meeting

Nicola will be hosting the ROA board meeting in the Eco House on Thursday. Feedback will be posted next week.

Photographs © Nicola Atkinson Does Fly

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