Saturday 25th August saw the opening of the Curiosity Cabinet with Stevie playing his songs. It was a well attended and intimate affair.

26 Bruce Street opened its doors to the public Tuesday to Thursday to view the Curiosity Cabinet and meet Nicola. Alan Grieve & Ross Riddock spent time in the shop on Thursday afternoon to discuss the Abbeyview artists interventions. After its time in Dunfermline city centre, the Cabinet will be on display at Woodmill High School, Abbeyview from 10th September.


Luke Fowler filmed in Abbeyview to start his RADAR artwork on Monday also. It was a beautiful sunny day with residents out attending to their hedges & gardens, on the street selling cars and generally taking their time getting from A to B. Nicola accompanied Luke, taking pictures as he filmed and he returned on Wednesday to continue his work.

The artist Claire Barclay visited Dunfermline for the first time this week to start her RADAR artwork.

The plasma screen in The Abbeyview Council Local Service Centre will be showing the drawings made by Nicola, Carol Lambie and Hanna Tuulikki from the SEE EYE BOOK starting on Monday 3rd September.

Nicola Atkinson Does Fly in Abbeyveiw Clover

Photographs © Nicola Atkinson Does Fly & Alan Dimmick

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