26th of September saw pupils from Woodmill High School’s higher music class play a rendition of Stevie Jackson’s song, “Bird’s Eye View”. This version included a variety of different instruments to give the song a different feel than the original. These included some extra guitar parts, a bass guitar, violin, flute, percussion and a group of five singers instead of the original lone vocalist.

Firstly Stevie began with his version of “Bird’s Eye View” which was well received by everyone. Then the higher music class kicked off their version with a funky bass guitar riff, then guitars, violin, percussion and finally the singers joined in. Extra sections were added to the song, such as a bridge section in a minor key with interesting flute and violin melodies. Stevie seemed to be overwhelmed by the song, and was very grateful to have one of his songs covered for the first time.

He then performed his other song from his record, “The Electric Box”, which had a more up-tempo beat. He encouraged the musicians to play along with him and solo over the top of the song, turning the performance into one big jam session which everyone enjoyed.

The performance was recorded and will feature on Woodmill’s website for everyone to enjoy. It was a great afternoon and Stevie’s songs were well received by both the staff and the pupils.

Text by Glynn Forrest - the percussionist from Woodmill High School

7 inch record signed for the pupils by Stevie.

I was pleased that Stevie Jackson came into our school to sing 'Bird's Eye View' and 'The Electrick Box'. We all had a good time singing along to him. It was nice of him to sign our 7" vinyls and books. I felt for him when he messed up his lines, but realised even popstars and idols can have nerves. I love Stevie. We even had an encore, bet you wish you were at Woodmill.

Mark Queen

I enjoyed watching, listening and singing with Stevie Jackson in the crush hall. He was rather nervous and this shows that despite him playing in front of millions, he can still be nervous. Stevie also enjoyed this as he was able to join in with the school's version of his songs.

Kieran Startup

Nicola Atkinson Does Fly filming the event

Photographs © Nicola Atkinson Does Fly

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