It was an exciting week with ideas flying around Abbeyview. A new group of artists has been formed and are thinking about Abbeyview as part as the RADAR project. They are Luke Fowler & Sophie Pankenier. These new projects will be completed before Feb 2008.
Nicola had her first Artist Steering Group Meeting on 5th June 2007. Attending were Nicola Atkinson Does Fly, Linsey Leitch, Babs McCool, Jackie Powten & Ross Riddock. With apologies from Mike Payne, Stewart Christie & Joan Geddes.
Nicola dropped by the creche in Abbeyview and found lovely people who are providing a caring environment for children. She let them know that Hanna Tuuliki's ‘Nest ‘ dream catcher is being donated to the creche and will be with them by the end of June. It is being made out of metal for durability since the original was hand-cut out of black paper.
The booklet about the SEE EYE event with be jointly designed by Nicola & Chris Hladowski. Chris wrote the text for the SEE EYE event and will be continuing to work with Nicola on the booklet. It will be an A5, 48 page, black and white number. Lots of ideas are taking flight… Stevie Jackson's two songs with be written out in full, the 9 bookmarks from the booklist that the artists have created will be included and Hanna Tuuilkki, Carol Lambie & Nicola Atkinson Does Fly will create ink line drawings to represent the SEE EYE projects. Also included will be 500 of a limited edition of Stevie Jackson's two songs - 'The Electric Box' & 'Bird Eyes View' - on a 7inch single. Watch this blog for the how and when you can get your hands on it.
Nick Millar, the creator of the Curiosity Cabinet, has been meeting with the rest of the SEE EYE team to decided the miniature version of the individual pieces shown in SEE EYE March.  This piece will fuse the furniture of the 1950’s and 80’s together, as if items have been thrown out of a window and some force has fixed them together. It will house the SEE EYE artist's chosen books and the collection will tour with the cabinet but we are also hoping that we can order the entire booklist, listed below, for all the Fife local libraries. This will give a wide range of people access to an interesting and quirky range of reading material they may never have come across before. The first chance to see the Curiosity Cabinet in all its splendour will be the 19th August 2007 at the Abbeyview Festival.

SEE EYE Artists' Booklist

Nick Millar
"The Leopard" by Guiseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa, Everyman's Library, 1991
"Neuromancer" by William Gibson, LLondon, Voyager, 1995
Karen Vaughan
"A Scots Quair" by Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Canongate, 1995
"The Subversive Stitch: Embroidery and the Making of the Feminine" by Rozsika Parker, The Women’s Press
Stevie Jackson
"New York Changing: Revisiting Bernice Abbott's New York" by Douglas Levere, New York, Princeton Architectural Press, 2005
"The Complete Beatles Chronicle" by Mark Lewisohn, Chancellor Press, 1996
Hanna Tuulikki
"The Book of Music and Nature" by David Rothenberg and Marta Ulvaeus (eds.), Terra Nova Books, 2001
"The Soundscape" by R. Murray Schafer, Destiny Books, 1977
Chris Hladowski
"Oblique Strategies: Over one hundred worthwhile dilemmas", by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, 1975
"A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction", by Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa and Murray Silverstein, New York, Oxford University Press, 1977
Nicola Atkinson
"Structural Package Designs", The Pepin Press, Agile Rabbit Editions
"Edward Lear's Complete Nonsense", Edward Lear, The Folio Society, London, 1996
Carol Lambie
"Postsecret" by Frank Warren, Orion Books, 2006
"Ways of Seeing", by John Berger, Penguin, 1972
Mike Wilson
"Grafitti and the Writing Arts of Early Modern England" by Juliet Fleming, Reaktion Books, 2001
"The Destruction of Art: Iconoclasm and Vandalism since the French Revolution" by Dario Gamboni, Reaktion Books, 1997
Ben Spencer
"Smart Architecture" by Ed Van Hinte, Marc Neelen, Jacques Vink, Piet Vollaard, 010 Publishers, Rotterdam, 2003
"Fragments of Utopia: Collage reflections of heroic modernism", by David Wild, Hyphen Press, London, 1998
Tweed Street Tour
Nicola met with Marisa Privitera to give her a tour and introduce her to Abbeyview, looking at how to engage with the community and get them on board for the project. After her visit Marisa wrote "I plan to start my photography project on Abbey View on Monday June 11. Initially, I will be getting to know the area by walking around taking pictures and observing the details of the D6 route.  After initial contact with residents, I hope some residents will receive the project with enthusiasm and perhaps even take part by either placing special objects in their windows, or by allowing me to photograph residents sitting in their windows or outside their homes. The project will evolve and take a more definitive shape as I become better acquainted with the neighborhood. I look forward to spending more time in Abbey View over the next few weeks." This project will be viewed on plasma screens in Local Service Centres over the next few months.
Casablanca (White House)
This is the second part of the 702 Dwellings created by Nicola for the SEE EYE March and will involve white cardboard folded houses. Jackie Powton, Art Teacher of White Mill High School, is interested in involving the English Department in creating a text piece and possibly linking this in with her current Sierra Leone project.
Next Week: The artists Luke Fowler & Marisa Privitera give their thoughts and ideas about Abbeyview. Nicola will be looking at Public Art in Glasgow, as research into bringing the Steering Group & Clock people to Glasgow for a day.

Lark drawing © Nicola Atkinson Does Fly

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