Tweed Street Tour

Marisa Privitera started her tour of Tweed Street on Monday and is already producing some beautiful work for the project. Over the next two weeks she will continue to absorb and capture the D6 bus route and writes: “I am particularly interested in capturing moments of daily life where people are gazing out and watching the life outside, whether it be from their front step or from inside the bus.  I am drawn to the idea that when on a bus, the world outside is like a film reel zooming past. Our eyes fix on something that captures our attention, or peaks our interest only for seconds as we travel on. Similarly, people stand in their homes looking out windows, or sit on the front steps taking in the passing traffic.”

Marisa began her career in photography at 16 when she was hired as a photojournalist for a daily news paper in Florida. She went on to earn a bachelor of fine arts with honours in photography and art history from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Massachusetts. While in Boston, she completed a large body of work documenting Italian American immigrants that was exhibited and published in galleries and photojournals across the States. After developing an increasing interest in storytelling, she moved to Scotland to earn a masters degree in film and television from Edinburgh College of Art. Marisa is currently living in Glasgow where she works in the film and television industries and continues her career in freelance photography.

Curious About the Cabinet

Nick Millar is working his magic on the creation of the Curiosity Cabinet and everyone from the SEE EYE March Event has dropped in to give an input on the recreation of their work in miniature. In a small corner of an enormous workshop in the Scottish Opera Technical Building in Glasgow, Nick is pulling together all the projects shown in the Allan Crescent flats into one portable experience. Carol stopped by on Friday and found an amazing piece of furniture in its raw state. All the components were disassembled and dormant, just waiting on Nick to fuse them together. These components are pieces of furniture found in charity shops in Dunfermline: a sideboard, a bureau, a display unit and a standard lamp crashing together at all angles. He is building a dynamic, energetic piece that will grab your attention and pull you towards it to discover its secrets. There will be buttons to press, cupboards to open, drawers to pull and lights to illuminate, all tempting you to interact and enjoy. From its unveiling at the Abbeyview Festival in August through to its tours of the libraries and public places, we predict it will provoke and maintain a dialogue amongst the communities who will graced by its company.

Luke Fowler visited Abbeyview for the first time on Monday 11th June. Here are his initial thoughts and his work history.

'Visiting the Abbeyview area of Dunfermline was intriguing. I've only ever passed through Fife, so it was good to get the opportunity to visit a town I knew little about. Abbeyview seemed impossibly quiet when I arrived and whilst we walked around. Nicola is employed as part of the regeneration scheme, set up because the estate has comparatively high unemployment levels and a low health rate. We spent the afternoon discussing what role invited artists could play in this scheme. Artists that make work in Abbeyview will provide a platform for contemporary art, in a place where one had not already existed. My proposal is still developing, though I'd like to consider something that looks at the particularities of the environment of Abbeyview and its current regeneration process.' Luke Fowler

Luke Fowler is a visual artist who makes experimental films which interogate the documentary as an artform. As a musician he collaborates in the bands Lied Music and Rude Pravo, he also runs the record label "Shadazz".

Photographs © Marisa Privitera

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