I met with Nicola last week to discuss the SEE EYE Book that will be produced in February ‘08. The format of the last book was as documentation of the Art Event in March, and my contribution of drawings followed along those lines. For the next book however, Nicola would like it to have some stand alone quality, something happening between the pages that has been created for that purpose.

My projects ‘Bird’s Eye View’ and ‘Ghostlines’ were drawings of the present but with the knowledge that as I produced them they were already assigned to the past. This aspect of creating a drawing interests me, the artist may be representing the present as they experience it but that present tense may be in image of the past. The reality of the here and now is also altered by the purely subjective nature of the artist’s decision of what to put on the paper. Of course as soon as an image is drawn it becomes the past, as captured time. Therefor time is something that an artist can represent, manipulate and fabricate to their own end, working within layers of time and reality.

Nicola has asked me to once again produce drawings for the book but the challenge I have given myself is to draw Abbeyview but set the present tense out of kilter, bringing the extraordinary to the familiar or creating a blip in a well know image of the area. Where will this take me? To the past, to a parallel present or to the future? (The Lamb)

Image © Nicola Atkinson Does fly

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