A R.A.D.A.R Moment

Last week I met with Alan Grieve to record him performing the stories he had written about time. After they were recorded we sensed that something was missing in the experience. We needed some space from the performance so it was off to the chip shop, because I just love the chips in Abbeyview, since we were hungry. We found ourselves sat at the top of the stairs that lead down to Tweed Street. It was a sunny day in October and Alan was telling me about his memories of the Abbeyview chip shop, since he is from the area. It was fresh, funny and spontaneous and after I had recorded it I suggested if Alan could write the story on the pavement, which he did with much passion. A couple walked by and the man said “What is this? I might get chalk on my feet and ruin my carpet.. and I could sue you! And who gave you permission to do that?" Then seconds later a man across the road, who was just about to wash his car, said “You are not going to leave that!" The fact that we were going to wait for the rain didn't appeal to him so he gave us a hose and Alan washed it off. That was the quickest piece of public art that Alan & I have created! Through talking a bit more to the man with the hose we found out that he was quite interested in art and asked him about showing public art, such as the chalked pavement, in Abbeyview. He recounted to us the habitual vandalism to his car, saying that any permanent piece would certainly receive the same attention. It would seem that temporary public art is very effective in Abbeyview given that the immediate interaction of passers-by and that the element of deterioration would be removed from the equation if one wished. This half hour piece of art is a true Random And Dynamic Art Risk, giving us the first successful R.A.D.A.R project. (The Fly)

K&K Factors Project update. Nicola has completed half of the drawings create in ink and Sophia has finished hers in America. Woodmill High School students dropped by the shop with Jackie Powton Art Teacher to purchase and draw an object from the shop, starting the next part of the project.

Curiosity Cabinet continues it tour arriving next at Fife Contemporary Art & Craft in the St Andrews Town Foyer, the Town Hall, Queen's Garden, St Andrews. It will be there from 8th December 2007- 30th January 2008.

The 'Artist in Abbeyview Steering Group' met to discuss the art projects. They had Ben Spencer, cultural broker and contributor to the SEE EYE March Event, as guest to guide them with future planning.

Nicola also gave presentation to Scottish Forum Against Poverty Meeting at the Dunfermline City Chambers on Friday, below.

Photogarphs © Nicola Atkinson Does Fly

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