SEE EVENT was very successful with the team working well together and with other services. Abbeyview has a good reputation for pulling together and being so flexible. Public Attendance – 270 people in total attended the See Eye event. The opinion meter results were varied but positive.

International Women’s Day & Sew the Sofa – The sofa is now at the Regeneration Office, Karen Vaughan's cover is ready.

Hanna Tulukki - Nest artwork is being donated to the crèche.

Carol Lambie - Dunfermline Reference Library has expressed interest in the documentation of the Ghost Lines drawing on Abbey view Library window.

Ben Spencer - The three yew trees, which were in ‘potent’ artwork, have been re-instated at Pittencrief Park. Karen Vaughan: Will lend one of the embroidery pieces for display at the Eco House and other places tbd within Abbey view.

Nicola Atkinson Davidson 702 Dwellings/Casablanca: The piece has been given a permanent home in the Eco House Meeting room. There will now be 400 white cardboard paper homes created as a spin-off piece entitled 'Casablanca'. Jackie Powton wants to involve English classes at the High Schools in writing text for 'Casablanca' and we can open the involvement up to the wider community. The SEE EYE events have highlighted the communities keenness to engage and be involved in art and this could be the perfect opportunity to further this.

SEE EYE Booklet and Bookmark –This will be in the form of a pizza box containing Stevie Jackson's 45 record, the 'booklet' which will in fact be set out like a carpet sample with the text written by Chris Hladowski and images create and a Bookmark design by the SEEEYE team.

Curiosity Cabinet – Nick Millar : The launch will be in Abbeyview in August 2007 for the cabinet/booklets and bookmarks.


June 2007 – March 2008

It is important to remain flexible in the engagement with the people of Abbeyview, since the most interesting and dynamic element in art is taking risks and using unforeseen events that will feed into any new public artworks.

R.A.D.A.R. Random And Dynamic Art Risks
The unforeseen happenings and inspiration in Abbeyview create by Nicola Atkinson Davidson and invited artists.
Timeframe: June 07 – March 08
Outcome: Dialogue and Action in the form of Art in Abbeyview.

Tweed Street Tour - Phase 1
This project will focus on the main bus route into Abbeyview and as starting point, using the windows of the houses lining the route in creating a piece of work. The artist Marisa Privitera has been invited to engage with the residents of Tweed Street and then to document the window arrangements.
Timeframe: June 2007
Outcome: To create dialogue with the community about Public Art

Public Art Panel
Create a public art panel consisting of 12 people from Abbeyview who have not been involved in a public art panel before. This will involve visits to public art works in Scotland, meeting with artists and developing a greater understanding of art in public places.
Timeframe: August 07– March 08
Outcome: To connect with the wider community about public art and to ensure that it is participating in the process.

The Tweed Street Tour - Phase 2.
Continuing the project started in June, the bus company will be involved in the second phase.
Timeframe: Tour date Oct 2007
Outcome: Promoting the Abbeyview community and highlighting its regeneration to wider the area by using its connection to Dunfermline town centre via the D6 Bus.

Photographs © Nicola Atkinson Does Fly

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